Recommendation – Fairy Tail

Fairy TailIt seems fitting that the first anime I do would be for the one that got me looking into what else this new media had to offer. Fairy tail is the story of a guild of mage’s who take on quests and go on adventures. Something that will be very familiar to anyone whose spent any amount of time on the endless numbers of MMORPG’ out these days.

The story is nothing spectacular with the same formula cut and pasted during each act. The mages find the bad guys, fight them and for some reason or another find themselves at a disadvantage until they remember in the power of friendship which gives normally the main character (Natsu) a timely power up that allows them to save the day.

For those familiar with Shounen anime’s this really wont come as a shock to you. If however your like me when I first started and have no idea what Shounen means its a type of anime whose target audience is for young boys. A lot of action with little romance. Something this anime is overfilled with.

The action scene’s are well done with a lot going on as the mage’s who each specialize in different areas fight. Natsu fire magic is very different then his teammate and rival Grey’s ice magic. (The show  as you can see clearly doesn’t do subtle approaches to storytelling). The visual’s along with the comedy offered normally from the talking blue cat Happy make for a very enjoyable experience most of the time.

Where the show falters is in its lack of substance. After the same story line is repeated for x numbered time the novelty wears off. Your then left with a hallow anime that looks nice but doesn’t offer you more than a show with a pretty package.

I gave this anime a 7/10 with where I had dropped it. The rating probably would have fell to a 5/10 at some point had I continued though. If your looking to dip your toes into anime in general or just to see what a Shounen anime is I would highly recommend this to you. With the catch being you should drop it when it starts to lose its shine and move on to something else. The good news though is you should get at least a good 40+ episodes in before that happens to you. I personally lasted up to 128 episodes out of the 175 that made up the first season.