Light Novels

One of my current pass times has been reading Light Novel’s that anime’s I’ve enjoyed where based on. As there is only a small fraction of those that are licensed here in the States the main way to read these are through fan translations. While some can be a little rough to read most are done well enough to at the very least understand what is going on in the story. The problem though is that there is many different groups that do these translations that it is hard to keep track of what’s being done and by who.

In the last few days I have been keeping a list of all the novels that are being done. While the list isn’t complete it has over 200 novels that I am trying to keep track of. If there is any novels that you know of that are missing let me know.



After writing the three recommendation I lost focus as to trying to figure out what it was that I wanted to write next. As this was a new project I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. Then I just got sidetracked with other things. Now that I have the time I thought about getting back to using this. Instead of just recommending anime’s at random based on the ones I like. I’m going to try and go based on category. Posting a short ranking of specific genres than doing a full break down of the show’s in relation to that.

In short the next posts will be focused on the Harem genre of anime as that is a highly request posts on animesuggest and it also happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine.