Recommendation – Steins;Gate

Steins GateSteins;Gate is the anime that made me fall in love with what this type of media could do. This series so far is the measuring stick I use to rate all other anime’s. With just north of 100 different anime’s worth of exposure, from nearly every genre I have yet to find one that does everything better.

The premise of the show revolves around a self described mad scientist and his otaku (think geek) friend forming the Future Gadget Research Laboratory. When their not busy slacking off their trying to create futuristic gadgets though little success is actually made. That is until one day when they accidentally create a time machine. All be it a very primitive version of one.

With a bit of dumb luck their Phone Microwave which up until now could only turn banana’s into a green ooze gains the ability to transmit text messages into the past. An event that causes a domino effect leading them down a road of ruin.

Though each text is small and harmless the consequences have a far reaching affect on the mad scientist Okabe. With each message to the past the world around him changes in the smallest of ways. A major problem for him as no one else around him can notice the differences in time. Which slowly makes him realize that just because you can mess with time it doesn’t mean that you should. Though by the time he realizes it might be already to late.

Steins Gate takes on time travel in a way I have always wanted to be seen done. Using the theory of the multi verse along with the butterfly effect to the maximum limits allows the show to lead the audience on a whirlwind tale of mystery and excitement. The shows biggest flaw from the critics is how long it takes to get to the meat of the show. You will be spending nearly half the shows length at what might feel like a snails paces of story advancements. However without the show laying the ground work needed for the world and characters to work the pay off in the last half of the season wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying nor would the stakes being raise hit as hard.

With that being said and what should come as no surprise I give this anime a 10/10. The story is rich and has a large and interesting casts that makes this show a must see.